• GAP ENERGY is a general contracting and trading company, specialized in complete industrial projects and trading of commodities in the Oil and Gas Sector.
  • GAP energy aims to reinforce its presence in the geographical areas of its activation therefore has established partnerships with strong and reliable technical companies in order to jointly utilize their expertise and capabilities in undertaking Large scale projects.
  • Under this general header, a detailed and structured point of view regarding modern way of living is implied. The interaction of the mankind with the urban and natural environment is considered as of major importance for the next decades therefore GAP energy Ltd, is focusing at the integration of modern ways of power production and power storage.


There is growing discussion about the need for new and additional sources of low carbon energy to replace the energy lost by the phasing out of fossil fuels and the closure of existing nuclear power stations. These discussions, among scientists, engineers, policy- makers and the media, commonly refer to an “energy gap”.

In GAP energy Ltd we have committed ourselves in the worldwide efforts for finding newer and cleaner ways of energy production in order to bridge the “energy gap”

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